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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mail Bombs

"I GOT MAIL! I GOT MAIL! YAY!!!!"--Special Ed, Crank Yankers.

So I'm getting a good amount of reader mail aka 'mail bombs' these days...

...and today, I'm finally going to address a few of your queries!
Let's get to it.
First up is reader Reiko, who wrote me the following request:
"I am in love with the purse that Eva Mendes carried at the Grindhouse premiere..."

"Any clue as to who the designer is and where I can get it?"
Well, Reiko, you have impeccable taste! After a short search, I found that Mendes' clutch was none other than this Foldover Calfskin Clutch... Jimmy Choo. Only $1,250 at
Start your Choo fund!
Next up is reader Penne, who proclaimed:
"I LOVE these glasses..."

"...I don't know who makes them though. Can you help?"
Well after an exhaustic search, I found this pair of UrbanSpecs Vintage Glasses...

...which are a close match and only $10 at
If you want a better known brand, these Emmylou Sunglasses could work.

They're $60, and available at
Update: I found the sunglasses in question in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar (pg. 87). They’re Chloe sunglasses, $275, at Saks stores. Couldn’t find ‘em online!
Lastly, reader Lamiachulita asked:
"Do you know of a good maker of skinny jeans for size 14 women? Help me

I referenced my Voluptuous Vixens post, and hit up the plus sized site for inspiration. I found many skinny jeans options, but thought that these Z. Cavaricci Black Skinny Jeans were a good choice...

...because of their slimming and flattering dark wash. Bonus? They're only $48.
That does it for mail bombs today.
Before I sign out, I must give a shout out to fabulous reader Kela who, after reading The Fashion Bomb's Cop Her Style Post about Beyonce......

...and discovering that Bey was wearing these $710 Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Platform Slingbacks...

...went out and bought herself a pair!

Well alright now! Notice how FLY Ms. Kela is in her shift dress and chunky bracelets! The Fashion Bomb readers are truly fabulous.
Well keep writing ladies, and I'll do my best to respond! E-mail me at
Have great weekends:)
PS Did you hear? The New York Post reported yesterday that Diane Von Furstenberg filed a lawsuit against Forever 21...

...for selling an almost identical copy of her her $325 “Cerisier” dress for $32! Yes those are two different dresses in the picture above!
While I totally respect intellectual property, why is Diane selling her dress for a 1000% markup???
Why so expensive Diane?
If it's unattainable, people are bound to copy. Have y'all seen these $80 Steve Madden Talli flats...

...that are almost blatant rip offs of $200 Tory Burch Reva Flats?

People want the look, but they don't want to spend $200 for some flats (I heard Tory Burch was suing stores like Strawberry's for copying)!
And if you do shell out the money, what are you paying for? My coworker who recently bought some T. Burch's wrote:
"So, before you buy those Tory Burch flats, know that they are crap. I believe they are plain leather flats made in India somewhere with babies sewing on those gold emblems.
I would expect that after dropping $200 in the seasons most talked about flats, I’d get a pair of GREAT shoes that I could walk around in all day. My flats lasted 2 DAYS before the leather started separating from the sole?? Saks took them back and said that they’d had a bunch of calls about that.
WTF Tory?? QUALITY control.
Sorry, I’m pissed because they were a huge splurge and I’ve wanted them for about a year now. HUGE disappointment."

Really?? So we're not even paying for quality?
What do y'all think?


sloane said...

i am totally loving kela's look.

Samantha said...

work it out Kela!!! thats HAWT!
i just got my pair of Louboutins yesterday and i'm on cloud 9!

This was a great post as usual!

Boutique Finesse said...

How funny my co-worker's friend definetly has that DVF dress and my co-worker DEFINETLY saw the Forever21 dress and emailed it to her friend. Gotta love knock-offs. :)


Joy said...

Definitely a great post as usual. It answers the yesterday's comment about budgeting and thefashionbomb. On this blog you get what's current and fresh and then you know what to look for when you go shopping. i find my best items on the vintage racks or on ebay.

Valerie said...

oooh good to know, i was just about to buy those bad boys too!

Anonymous said... especially great post today, ms. lady! LOVELOVELOVE those glasses! about to cop me a pair! i've wanted louboutins for forever but i'm going to have a few more forevers before i have $710 to spare! nonetheless, i ain't mad at the people who already copped theirs. do the damn thing!! sooo hot!

on to other stuff...

personally LOVELOVE and adore dvf and i think she has earned the right to charge $357 for a dress. in all fairness, her prices are pretty reasonable compared to other designers and you're actually paying for superior quality and a brand that has staying-power. forever21 (ewww) had no business outrightly copying another design! that's completely unacceptable! it's an exact copy-and-paste dress! uhm, that's called c-h-e-a-t-i-n-g.

i have the tory burch flats and i have to say i don't agree with your friend. they're ridiculously comfortable and they're the best purchase i've made in recent times. most definitely worth every cent.

have a great weekend! x

Daniella Bellini said...

First a comment for Penne, those sunglasses that you loved are from ChloƩ, but the chip version work pretty well too.

Second, love the blog! Great post

Jessica said...

Great post! I just wanted to add that has an even more obvious rip off of the Tory Burch Reva Flats.

I don't know how they get away with it! I also was in forever21 today and looked for the dress but it was either sold out or pulled from the shelves. But while there, I saw a rip off pair of marc by mj flats from last season that I'm glad I didn't drop cash on since they'll be everywhere soon.

Patricia said...

I NEVER, nor will I EVER, pay over $40 on some pair of shoes, ESPECIALLY some FLATS. Are you SERIOUS?!! The most I would PROBABLY pay on a really cute pair of shoes is $90, and that's AFTER I have earned my Doctor's degree in Medical School!

Monique said...

First of all i have to say people do not have the right to judge others who are frugal with thier money. If anybody has a clue they should know more then half of this world is considered poor, so if people want to look good on a budget let them. I appreciate stores like forever 21 and H&M because it goes to show how you can still look fabulous and not break the bank. It also exemplifies how foolish people run out to buy over priced clothing just cuz a designers name is on it and not give two thoughts as to is this quality or not. What gives designers the right to mark up clothing when it only cost them less then $100 to get a whole line of clothing made(for those who are slow; labor and fabric cost pennies in less fortunate countries) THINK about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post--people who can afford DVF aren't shopping at Forever 21--there's no comparison. Besides, Diane didn't "design" that style of dress or, for that matter, that fabric, probably. She copied that design from a thousand others over the years--please--and bought a certain amount of the fabric from the textile house in order to have it fabricated under her label.

So did Forever 21.

My mother used to work in the garment industry where they made blouses in LA many years ago, and said that they would sew one higher-end store's label into a certain # of the blouses and the label's for a cheaper store into the other, same blouses. But she could not convince her best friend not to shop at the higher-end store, and the only diffference was the label--not the fabric, not the quality of manufacture.

chic simplicity said...

i've only read your blog for the first time and i love it!!! the glasses you want to know about by chloe and they are hot!!

Brittny said...

Hey there bomber,

I checked out the site and it looks great! I do, however, have a couple questions:

1. We Boston girls are starved for cute, cheap fashions. There’s an H&M here, but I’ve always found Forever 21 to be more consistent. Especially after seeing that ruffled white number on the site, I wonder—when are they opening up a Boston area location?

2. I’ve finally accepted the fact that the bootleg jean is on its way out. Say it ain’t so! I’ve purchased a pair of skinny jeans, but they’re well...too skinny. They’re tapered like the $48 black jeans you highlighted earlier this week. I have big feet and would be much more comfortable with a straight leg. Do you have any recommendations? Also, what do I need to know about length? Have you covered this already?


Busted in Beantown

Anonymous said...

Now I'm worried. I was about to get some of the Tory Burch flats, but I think I'm going to wait until the seasonal colors go on sale.
On the other hand, I just can't get w/Steve Madden. I think his chunky shoes did it for me.

Anonymous said...

You have to give the credit for who designed it first...does not matter how much it cost. Forever21 mass-produce the merchandise. They import more than 4000pcs per style. What you are paying for the creativity, much it cost to make it. We have to support American designers who is....trend-setter..not the trend-followers....