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Friday, March 02, 2007

Reader Day on the Fashion Bomb

"Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”--John Fairchild.

Today is Reader Day on The Fashion Bomb, so I'm going to post a reader submission and a reader question for everyone to enjoy!
First up, the Fashion Bomb's very first 'Real Casual Style' picture...

...submitted by 'Shaks Khan.'
The pop of purple under her white top has potential...and her embroidered boots show that she put some thought into her 'fit.
What do you think? Can you do better?
If so, e-mail me at
Moving on...
A reader wrote in and asked me the following:
"I'm sure you've seen Beyonce's new video, "Upgrade You." I simply love the shades she's wearing in the video. Can you help me find those shades?"
The video's below...

Can anyone crack the code???
I'm sure you will.
In the meantime, keep writing!
PS I was doing my daily web browsing and came upon a cute online store called PlasticLand. They have cool, retro clothes, accessories, and gifts for *great* prices. I took a look and quickly found favorites, all for under $100.

Clockwise from left: Seychelles At your Fingertips Flats, $69; Mulberry Ruffle Hoodie Sweater by Tulle, $53; Paris Wallet by Fawn Gehweiler, $19; Gentle Fawn White Player Tee, $6; Ivory Wool Peacoat by Tulle, $95; Foxy Originals Orchid Necklace, $34; Gentle Fawn "Blush" Tunic Top, $47; Black 50's Style Carmen Dress, $69. Center: Icecream Castles Journal Sketchbook, $12.
Everything's available at Bonus: Free Shipping!

PSS My boy and I are going to DC this weekend...and just my luck, I found out it's also DC Fashion Week (! I rsvp'd for shows on Friday and Saturday...I'll try to make em, and of course you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, have any ideas for great shopping in DC???


Anonymous said...

Georgetown is a good place to shop. Also Friendship Heights in MD has some upscale stores and is Metro Accessible

Anonymous said...

i know that howard university's african students association is having a fashion show tonight themed "noire". their fashion shows are ALWAYS fabulous (or so i hear) so it'd be worth your while to drop by if you're not otherwise occupied.


Jenn said...

i go to howard and i can cosign on gtown and friendship heights as great shopping trips. also for some unconventional vintage and boutique shopping i'd hit up the U street/Cardoza district. But the vintage store that's going to be worth your while is Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown. It's definitely worth the trip!

Leslie Nicole said...

You are such a breathe of Fashion! I love coming to the site and reading about your take on trends.Especially for an aspiring Fashion Director.
Your definitely the BOMB!!!!

Jevonne said...

I absolutely LOVEE your blogg!! Nice pics and links too. It was fabulous meeting you at the magazine conference Saturday (Im the girl that talked to you about tv production) Keep up the good work, I will check back 4 updates soon.

Jenn said...

oh and the glasses Beyonce is rockin are Cazals. They're run you upwards up 700-800 dollars.