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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cool Online Find: True Jeans

"I'm lookin' for a dime that's top of the line/Cute face slim waist wit a big behind..."--Ying Yang Twins, 'Badd'
Happy Monday!
I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Makes it hard to come to work, but I digress.
Reader Monique sent an e-mail titled 'Frustrated with Finding Jeans.'

She says:
"I have a dilemma: I am a relatively small size...5’7" with a bottom that my mother has so graciously blessed me with. My hips are about 41 inches and my waist is about 28 ½ inches. So you can see the dilemma I have with finding jeans...I used to have like 20 pairs while in under grad, and now I have 3! I would love to buy some skinny legged jeans that compliment my body but every time I find a pair they look odd with my hips. I gave up thinking they could possibly look good on my new curvaceous body. So now I'm here to ask you to help me out! I need a few options for cute designer jeans that fit a girl with booty and hips."
Well Monique, you're in luck. With a little searching, I found an online boutique called True Jeans (

They specialize in finding jeans for women based on their measurements and body type. Basically you input your height, weight, inseam, waist, shape--even the size of your butt, thighs, and belly--and they find you the perfect fit!

I subbed in my approximations of Monique's measurements, and found over 20 jeans options from designer brands like Blue Cult, William Rast, and Kasil. I picked out 4 jeans in various styles: skinny, capri, trouser, and straight legged:

Top Row: 575 Denim Parliment, $220; Penny 'It' Jeans in Midnight, $54.
Bottom Row: Little in the Middle Jeans Basic, $79; Red Engine Straight Leg Jeans, $154.
All available at
What's cool is that the website also suggests what size to buy based on the brand and your measurements. So for the 575 Jeans, they recommend a size 31, while with the Little in the Middle Jeans they recommend a size 8. [A note about the new brand 'Little in the Middle,': they're cut one size larger in the hips than the waist! Perfect for women with Monique's body type.]
If you find yourself frustrated with searching for jeans in department stores, give True Jeans a try!
PS Boutique Finesse' One Year Anniversary party was so much fun! I was strapped down with a Polaroid, so I could only take a few digital pictures:

But trust me, it was a good time, and great to hang out with the girls from Hourglass Events and the B Life. Check out the B Life Blog for more pictures...and stay tuned for our next event!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, finding jeans is truly one of the most painful experiences out there. FYI, there's also another site called which helps you find jeans. I tried it and it suggested some of my favorite jeans, and some new ones I haven't tried before that are now on my shopping list!

Anonymous said...


Literanista said...

Thank you, this is a great find!

Anonymous said...

Your party looked fun, which I was in NYC to party w/ ya!

Anonymous said...

I went to Truejeans and I think it's a great site. I looked through the jeans they had chosen for me, the size suggestions really helped. And then I went on ebay and ordered a pair!

Wish me luck!

Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

Kasil Jeans rock...the line is doing so well. For more up to date info on Kasil (including sneak peak info) go to

Anonymous said...

cool... i tried truejeans AND zafu and i must say, zafu gave me better results, not to mention they are adding new jeans all the time! :)

denim in LA said...

Thanks for the article about the denim finders. It is so hard to find a good pair jeans that are reliably comfortable...during work, during weekend, even during PMS. I am a fan of 3GR (3 girls running) they have great varities of cuts and rises... versatile for any body. They can be found at major department stores, but if you want someone genuinely prepared to help you with your fit and even tailoring, I always go to Bleu Clothing. They are so helpful and really pay attention to what I buy... making every returning trip more great, because they know what I want.

Anonymous said...

Try, and I think you'll find it is a better experience, and their recommendations are fabulous! Then click through and you'll own those jeans in a flash. Try it now

Anonymous said...

I have a curvy figure also, and I found that straight leg jeans instead of skinny jeans work with my body and still make me feel fashionable. Because the bottom of the pant doesn't taper so much, It doesn't make your thighs and butt look unporportionately large.

steve said...

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