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Monday, February 25, 2008

Real Style: Reader Submission

So unfortunately a patched up foot and crutches don't allow me much time to hit the streets for Real Style. Thankfully, you fabulous readers have been sending me submissions. Yippee!
Aja from Illinois submitted a photo of 'Chicago Office Fashion':
...saucy! Aftin, Aftin, Aja, Cory, Alysia and Angel look chic and sleek in all black outfits accented with stilettos, hose, and pops of leather and plum.

Think you've got Real Style? Send your submissions to You just might see your smiling face on The Fashion Bomb next week!

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*The Academy Awards were last night, and to be honest, the red carpet was a huge snooze fest color wise. The only two snaps I could give were to Jennifer Hudson....
....whose white wonder was a vast improvement over last year's 'bolero' combo that Andre Leon fashioned for her.
I'm very proud of Jennifer Hudson's unwavering embrace of all white....'s a hard color to pull off (think marshmallow effect), but she does so with pinache.
*The guys were also very dapper...
...can I point out how much I love Spike Lee? He looks thoroughly bored and above it all...but didn't forget to rock his Obama pin. Message!
...Editrix of French Vogue. I wonder if Carine is cool with curvy ethnic girls? This and more to ponder. [NYMag]
*Mark your calendars...
...for Andre 3000's Benjamin Bixby line. Should be tres interessant given this young man's style...
...will your man be rockin Benjamin Bixby??? [NYMag]
*The most interesting trends...
...from Italy [Fashiontribes]
*This cool website has pix of peeps on the street from around the world. Watch out Sartorialist! [Streetpeeper]
*Trouble Finding Foundation? You're not alone. [NYMag]


Charlé said...

I'll rock Benjamin Bixby if it's fly enough.

Randelle said...

is a nice international street style website as well!