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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NYU Couture Noire

"Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique."-- Will Ferrell as Mugatu, Zoolander.

Hey Y'all!
Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a good holiday.
The other day my sister, who goes to NYU, invited me to a student designer fashion show...

It was called 'Couture Noire' and its goal was to, "[capture] the essence of black culture through fashion.' Perfect venue for the Fashion Bomb!
After going to many fashion shows, it becomes easier for me to see the difference between designers with great cuts, techniques and skill...and those who struggle a bit. Anyway out of 13 student designers (it was a loooong show), I identified three who had *great* potential. Here they are:
First up is Anu-Couture by student designer Anu Belle. About her collection, she says, "My collection tells the story of a contemporary, confident woman, who is not afraid to set trends or look different." A few pix:

The Nigerian-American designer used African inspired prints and vibrant colors for her flirty dresses. I loved the feminine cuts. Check out her myspace page at
Next up is House of Nessat...

...self described as a full lifestyle line dedicated to transforming everday experiences into artistic ones. Their motto is 'Actively Participating in the Pursuit of Perfection." Cute. Here are a few items from their collection:

The colorful knits were *hot*. I really haven't seen anything quite like Missoni, but who can afford that? Learn more about them by e-mailing Purchase by calling (347) 341-7904.
My final favorite? The Rod Elam menswear collection...

...It's a line dedicated to assisting the urban male in reaching his style potential. Check it out:

The line reminds me of Phat Farm, minus the logos. It's a classic, preppy, yet urban line that I just loved. Check 'em out on their website,
Ya never know, one day that could grace the pages of Vibe...

PS Update: The Ciara/Kanye's Boo shoe mystery has been solved!

The stillettos are Yves Saint Laurent, price upon request. Check 'em out here. Thanks Elita!
PSS My girl Carla over at Boutique Finesse... having a deal for February: $1 shipping on all her fabulous jewelry finds. Check it out at

PSSS Today Marc Karimzadeh reported in WWD that Fashionista Victoria Beckham plans to build a lifestyle brand called DVB, featuring sunglasses, denim, and his and hers fragrances. The actual article itself features a pictorial of Beckham’s style evolution. Does WWD read the Fashion Bomb???


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a diverse group of designers. I also liked that not all the models look hungry they showcased their designs on everyday but beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

the designers are HOT!
i wish them much success, i hope to see their pieces in stores so i can take an indepth look

ALSO, thos YSL shoes are to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy Anu Couture?