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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Real Style: Tent Edition, pt. 1

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S/We flyin' first class up in the sky/ Poppin' champagne, livin' the life/ In the fast lane/ I won't change by the Glamorous/Oooh flossy flossy."--Fergie, 'Glamourous'

Hey guys,
To me, seeing what people wear to the shows is sometimes more interesting that the shows themselves. The fur, the heels, and status bags are in full effect, as everyone tries to distinguish themselves in a room full of fashionistas. People of color definitely were bringing the fire, so I had to take a few pix.

This young lady, working the tents, epitomized understated chic in her gray, tailored dress.

Fashionistas don't care about PETA. Fur, fur, fur is the rule for most fashion shows. I saw a lot of people wearing similar fur hats...and dude's mirror Vuitton bag is hot! I read in the NYTimes that those are only available in Europe...

I liked the ruffles on her skirt, cute bangs, and large, bright "Look at me!" bag.

These three were so nice and fun! Peep dude's Dior sunglasses, and Gucci hobo bag. Hot!

Dapper, Dapper, Dapper. These two look like they fell out of a GQ fashion spread. Loves it!

Homegirl came prepared with her jacket, bright belt, bangles, and leopard shoes. She's rockin the sunglasses indoors like a true diva.

People really show and prove in the tents. And that's only half of it. Stay tuned tomorrow for Real Style: Tent Edition, pt 2!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tribute to Mr. Holder. He and my dad grew up together. He is truly a class act for sure!

Anonymous said...

The guy with the fur hat and LV Mirror bag is Alexander Allen the stylist to Eve, Amerie and Trina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great fashion week wrap-ups so far, I love your blog! I'm also looking forward to Black History Month - Fashionista-style!
(C: Loves it!

Anonymous said...

Love the woman with the gray dress. Simple and understated, and also appreciate the tribute to G. Holder and mention of his wife/my soror.