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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stiletto Style File

"Stiletto's on my feet/I'm sexy wit a mug/I'm buckin all ya hatas just to see if ya crunk/We swangin, throwin bows/Cause ya boys thought we soft/I'm knockin heads off/I'm da baddest of dem all." Diamond from Crime Mob, 'Stillettos (Pumps)'
Hey guys!
So one exasperated, anonymous Fashion Bomb devotee wrote me the following:

-Spotted on Ciara/w black mini dress
-Kanya West's Girlfriend
i love those shoes

I took a look and found pictures of the shoes in question:

Unfortunately, I've yet to find the exact shoe (does anyone know?), but I've gotten close....
This standby by Bruno Frisoni...

is $585 at
This pair by Christian Louboutin...

...could give off the same effect. It's $720 at
And this pair by Malo...

is so expensive...that the price is upon request at
I found one cheaper substitute at Nine West...

...for $79 at
I wish I could be of more help. If anyone can ID the spiked heels in question, please let a sista know.
Until then...
PS Club Monaco's having an end of the season/President's Day Sale

Run, don't walk!


Monique said...

to the anonymous reader i got a pair of those platform heels in chocolate(fab by the way)this week at TJMaxx rare i know. i was amazed to see them there myself, they were made by guess and $40 orginally like $150. I dont know where u live but you gotta pop you head in stores like that if u not trying to pay $800

Blogger Tia Walker said...

OMG! Wow, you are really bringing it back. Byron Lars! great stuff, he used to frequent my gym years ago with several other of his colleagues who were also designers. I came across his Barbie making efforts awhile back and am glad to see you've brought this to the forefront! He is the best.

Keep it coming!



Anonymous said...

Those Barbies are beautiful. Thanks Claire!

Anonymous said...

I can't find those shoes either...but... I did find a website with an extensive collection of African American barbie Dolls including new designs from Bryon Lars.

I think I may become a collector!

Haute Girl said...

i didn't know there were so many black designers! thanks for the daily updates!

Closet Freak said...

I saw these pair of shoes a few weeks back on an actress walking the red carpet at (I'm thinking) the Golden Globe Awards. At the moment her name escapes me, but I Do remember thinking hoe hideous I thought these shoes were and I hoped they would not catch on. P.S...Beyonce has also been seen sporting a pair I WILL find out for you.

Closet Freak said...

FOUND IT!!! It was Heather Graham at the 2007 SAG Awards. hey are designed by none other than.....Versace!!

Altaviese said...

First off...I love this blog!

And thanks for bringing the black designers to the spotlight.

Oh, and I'm so ordering these barbies. I found them ranging from $150-220