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Saturday, February 03, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot: Baby Phat and KLS

"I'm hot cuz I'm fly/ You ain't cuz you not/This is why/ This is why/ This is why I'm hot..."Mims, 'This is Why I'm Hot'

Happy Saturday!
I'd normally wait until Monday to post, but my weekend has started off so fantastically that I can't contain myself!
Well remember when I said that for Friday I only had one invite(to Marc Bouwer)?!?! Well. I finagled. Wheeled and dealed. Jibbered and jabbered. Until I got into three shows...including Baby Phat!

My buddy Carlos and I decided to just roll the dice and see if we knew enough people to get through the door. With a mixture of confidence and je ne sais quoi, we got beyond the barriers. And that's all she wrote!
I was so juiced...
I took some great pix of Kimora's show...

... until I remembered that my camera actually had a video recorder!
So I took a few videos for ya. First a few caveats.
1. Excuse the blurriness.
2. Excuse the wild movements.
3. Please excuse my singing! Don't hate... I just heard my song(s)...y'all know how that goes:)
Anyway, I figure this is the best way to experience fashion week through the Fashion Bomb! You can get pictures and commentary ranging from boring to rude anywhere. You can only get Claire singing along to 'Last Night' by Diddy on the Fashion Bomb.

Show, pt. 1 (Peep the view of Ice-T and Coco at the end)

Show, pt 2

Alek Wek

The Final Walk
My videos suck, but you get the point:)
All in all, I thought the clothes were very street chic. Many people said her clothes were tacky and that her show was 'not fashion', but everything that came down the runway stuck to Kimora's ghetto fabulosity aesthetic...Cute cocktail dresses with thick gold chains, embellished jeans, and fur trimmings.
If anything..her music was on POINT. AND, tons of celebs showed up, including Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Floetry, Vivica Fox (I got a picture of her!), and Lil Kim. Guess that whole beef with Alicia Keys thing was just a rumor...
Anyway, here's a video of Carlos and I saying 'bye'!

PS Stay tuned for more Fashion Week fun, videos (I'll get better), real style (fashion week edition), and black history month, commencing again on Monday!
PSS Cop some Baby Phat for Valentine's Day:)

PSSS New York Magazine...

...had a funny take on the show. Read about it here.


Huey P. Langston said...

CLAIRE THAT'S INCREDIBLE! I don't know anywhere else that has video! A pimp felt like he was actually at a show.

Brianna said...

Awwww Claire that is TIGHT!! You are sooo lucky to get into the times I see. I am looking forward to your posts all week :)

L said...

thanks for posting the videos claire! i hope i get to be in the tents one day. the music was great...and i love ohmyra mota. she is so hot. but i do find baby phat clothing to be kind of tacky and juvenile looking. i've never bought any. and the ghetto fabulousity thing...i guess it works for her, but i don't really want to exemplify ghetto anything.

Anonymous said...

Get video. Does anyone know who sings the song at the beginning of video 2? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I figured out who sung the song. And I meant to write great video!! Thanks.

tamika said...

Thanks soo much for sharing this with us...your blog is really the dam :)

Naki said...

Claire, this is great! Just got a chance to actually read the post. Will try to link tonight, but am swamped at work. Keep up the good work!