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Monday, January 22, 2007

Designer Spotlight: Rachel Roy

"I don't wanna make another Jay-Z. What I'll do is make the Jay-Z of fashion, Rachel Roy." - Damon Dash in the March 2007 issue of XXL magazine
Good murnin!
Rachel Roy, in my opinion, is beautiful, stylish, and super chic.

It seemed to me that she was little more than Dame Dash’s boo…

But she’s also a very talented designer.
According to her website,, the Seaside, California native started as a stylist for magazines and music videos, then became creative director at Rocawear (where she presumably met Dame). She launched her own collection in Spring 2005—not too long ago.
I’m loving the following looks I found on

Harlow Blouse, about $241

Jean Dress, about $173

Lana Short Jacket, about $460

Francesco Long Reversible Jacket, $328

Grace Long Bow Blouse, $322
They’re cutting edge and fresh!
I’m also feeling these spring looks I found on the website

Gorgeous...and the ruffles are on point!
Too bad the cheapest thing is about $173 (on sale!)…
Want to know more?
Watch this:

Andre Leon Talley is definitely a fan:)


Anonymous said...

Shot out to The Fashion Bomb giving a Seaside homime her just due! Seaside, California is a small town on the central coast of California, but we got mad talented people coming out there.

Rachel Roy, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Herman Edwards, and some other people you're sure to hear about!


Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank YOu, Thank YOu, I have been waiting patiently for you to put the spotlight on Rachel Roy. I think she is beautiful and is so creative with her designs. Just WAY too expensive for me.

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel Roy! I've always enjoyed her clothes- I'm just waiting for the day that I can afford some of her gorgeous dresses! I recently saw her on Oprah and she seems like a genuinely sweet girl. I know she has a great future ahead of her.

Haute Girl said...

i love her style and her collection. it's haute!

Anonymous said...

I really love her designs too. BUT they are waaaay to expensive. Even if I get anything of hers on sale, it will still be AT LEAST $200 dollars. that is just ridiculous....Please let her come out with a second less expensive line...

Anonymous said...

For Rachel Roy to be a new designer, her prices are too high. Love her designs but, to drop almost a $1,000 for an outfit? She at least needs to be in the game for a few years before she could demand these prices.

Oh well, there's always vintage shopping!

Anonymous said...

Jean dress on sale for $99:

Anonymous said...

rachel got her start when she styled a rocafella video, went out with dame, got preggers by him (with ava) and then he put her on the payroll to revamp rocawear womens & girls.
She quietly played the background while dame was with aaliyah, worked at rocawear (if you call it that, i never saw her really work - i worked with her @ rocawear) and then planted seeds to her own line, which dame finances.

She DOES has a great sense of style, and is super nice - i just can't give it to her 100%, not knowing the truth. I just really wish she would have worked a little harder like most talented, yet struggling/breaking even designers i know (nicfish, nicacelly, mobolaji, sistah's harlem etc), instead of relying on her looks and her "husbands" money.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment even though I LOVE her style. I was surprised that for someone with such an urban background, when I went to her webpage, I saw absolutly NO women of color. Anywhere. And clothing with names like "Katie mini," "Grace blouse," and "Caroline dress." For someone who wouldn't exist if it weren't for the vast popularity of hip hop and urban influences, her clothing line seems like an obvioius cry for acceptance into the white fashion world. I'm dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

rachel roy is not a black designer. she is indian and dutch.

Anonymous said...

who cares if she's black or not? working for rocawear constitutes her as an urban designer...which is why sh'es on all urban fashion all the time