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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Real Casual Style

"Do that Prada, Gucci, full length leather/Bourbon's cool or Coogi sweater (Sweater)/Twenty-inches pop my feather/The Birdman daddy I fly in any weather."Birdman, 'Still Fly'

Happy Tuesday!
I really liked my coworker's outfit the other day, so I decided to snap a quick pic:

Her oversized sweater looks great with her skinny jeans, and the chic slouch gray boots tie it all together. I'm a huge fan of brightness in the midst of winter doldrums--the yellow in her sweater adds a refreshing touch of light.
PS New York is great and all, but it's not the only city with fashionable women! Send me pics of people you know who are fashionable for future Real Style posts. As Jay-Z said, "Show me what ya got". I know ya got somethin...
PSS I was reading WWD today and came across this quote by Karl Lagerfeld regarding the 'skinny model debate':

"There are more fat people in the world than too skinny ones, and the fat ones have big, big problems. Nobody cares, they're not glamorous...We are designers, not doctors who have to care about 'eating disorders.'"

Tell us how ya really feel! LOL.


Anonymous said...

First off Fuck him, i like his designs and all but to be real they consider a size 6 fat and obese so i dont even want to hear it. Its sad and pathetic that designers can actually have a say on how the world should view their body,and for some reason or another they think a size -4 is a cute look so there for we should all run to the toilet and stick our fingers down out throats, or sniff that white stuff. FYI- there is nothing cute about bones sticking out of someones skin nor is it cute to see rolls upon rolls of skin but fortunatly we live in a world where to each is own. I am losing a lot of respect for certain designers day by day especially ones that make ass hole comments like him. I am starting to feel like fashion is going to far just like everything in this world.

Huey P. Langston said...

It's not like fat women don't have designers out there who cater to them. I think while Lagerfeld's comments were rude, they weren't untrue, and far too often I see big women lying to themselves by wearing things that don't fit. All you ladies out there, big and small, know when you see your sister committing a violation of some sort, and do nothing to stop her.

Remember that Dove campaign where they showed the bodies of "real" women? Well, if you do some digging, you will find that all of the women were actually UNDER the size of the national average. Straight up and down, obesity is a problem in this country, and with any hope, Karl Lagerfeld's comments bothered some woman out there to the point that she will go on a diet.

Najah said...

^ Huey I'm sure you meant that you hope some woman will be bothered enough to adopt a healthier eating and living style not go on some random diet right? ;-) I think there's a happy medium that people are failing to grasp. Obesity is a serious epidemic and we (black women especially) are too busy trying to be comfortable with being "big and beautiful" that we're ignoring the serious health complications that comes with that extra weight. So to that extent I agree with Lagerfeld's crude statement. BUT, the modeling industry does generally display an unhealthy standard at the other end of the spectrum and I think they should take some accountability for that.

lavishbabe said...

That was a funny comment he made, but if he personally hasnt told anyone to starve themselves then I see why. Designers dont care about fat people and truth be told I'd rather see a size 6 in skinny jeans anyway. People should worry about themselves, and not what other people think of them. No, I dont appreciate the anorexic looking ones...but I dont want to see high fashion on a plus size chic either. So the burning question is what is an average size to portray on models

Anonymous said...

The odd thing about Lagerfeld is that Chanel makes up to a size 20, so I find the whole thing laughable.
And yes, obesity is a problem but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people actually have biological issues that causes the weight to stay down.

R.K. said...

Chanel goes up to a 20? Never seen that.
Karl has a little self hate, I think. He used to be a tub o' lard back in the day.
Skinny isn't always glamorous either.