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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Real Style: Mixing Brown and Black

"Engine, Engine, Number Nine/ On the New York transit line/ If my train goes off the track/ Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!/ Back on the scene/ Crispy and clean/ You can try/ But then why/ Cause you can't intervene."--Black Sheep, 'The Choice is Yours'


So I ride the cross borough train everyday from abode to office. The train in New York is like a fashion show in progress. So many people, so much great style, it's invigorating.
This chic Brooklyn lady lives by my station, and always looks well put together. The other day, I got up the courage to ask to snap a pic:

I thought she did a great job of mixing brown and black. One of the archaic fashion 'rules' is that you should *never* mix the two, but there are ways to do so artfully (without looking like a train wreck).
I think the key is in the tones of brown you choose to wear. Her top and sweater are light enough as to not clash with her black skirt and tights. The fur on her medium brown boots match her top well enough to pull the look together.
I like her style!
PS Serena advanced to the Finals in the Australian Open! And guess who she's playing?? Her fashion nemesis, Maria Sharapova. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You're scaring me.....
I like your website but there is nothing fashionable about homechick. Maybe it looks totally different in person but right here it is all wrong. Damn Gina. And it looks like she is trying extra hard...just my opinion

leeshbeesh said...

maybe this picture does not do justice to her ensemble lol. it was a nice try in my opinion...i mean the wrap is a tad too big. but hey that is the joy of do you, and be confident :)

The Committee said...

I have to respectfully disagree. I think your BK chic has done a good job with layering without looking overstuffed - it's hard to be stylish with a wind chill of 7 below. I've also been a believer in brown and black when done with caution. On a separate note...Claire, I love that you feature editorial from top fashion mags and real people on the street. (You can't get more real than the subway!) Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

I actually like the outfit and she is rockin it w/confidence. This is the 1st time I've been on your website and I wish you would show more pictures...I want to see pictures of what you think will be hott for spring 07'. Put more time into your page and watch it blow up!