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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jewelry Week Day 1: SISU

“It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.”--Coco Chanel

Today is day one of Jewelry Week on the Fashion Bomb!
Jewelry is the overlooked MVP in the fashion world. The proper accessories can make a black dress go from bla to ballerific, and can transform an outfit from frumpy to fly.
This week, I'm profiling young jewelery designers. Check out their pieces, hear about their journey into the industry, and learn their inspirations.
First Up? My designer friend Sarah Johnson, and her line SISU.

Starfish Necklace, $210

The name SISU comes from the Finnish word for 'Chutspa'.
The line launched in October 2005, and comprises pieces of precious and semi-precious metals and stones (mainly blue and yellow Topaz, Rubies, Labradorite, Peruvian Opal, and Tourmaline).

Coin Pearl Layering Necklace, $250

"My style is organic. I let the stones speak for themselves, " says Johnson. "I create hammered surfaces to metal to offer a natural look...My pieces are inspired by nature in color, texture, and they were plucked from a forest or stream. Nature is timeless.

Green Opal Blocks Earrings, $200

"I can sit for hours polishing or adding hundreds of tiny pearls to a chain," she continues. "Because I can't wait to see the finished piece...I'm also inspired by the materials. When you have a luscious strand of rubies--the possibilities are endless as to what you can create."

Hammered Earth Medallion 14 Karat Necklace, $1750

Designing since she was young, Johnson counts David Yurman and Me & Ro amongst her favorite designers, Sarah Jessica Parker as an accessory diva, and exploring, yoga-ing, reading, relaxing, and netflix-ing as some of her favorite leisure activies.

Shipwreck with Pearl and Lab Bangle, $245

Pearl Cavier Drop Earrings with Smokey Quartz, $210

Interested in buying? Price points range from around $100-$2000. Little earrings with precious stones are also available for around $100-$150 (and limited ones for around $80).
To purchase or to set up an appointment, e-mail Sarah at


PS Stay tuned for installment two tomorrow!


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