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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Serena Williams: Holdin’ down the Court

“I am the ultimate competitor…Definitely ready to create some more carnage.”—Serena Williams after making it to the Australian Open Semi Finals.

Serena Wiliams made it to the semifinals in the Australian Open today…

… so I thought it would be fitting to give her a little fashion shout out.

Everyone tries to act like Maria Sharapova brought style to the tennis courts…

And was the pioneer in terms of eschewing tennis whites in favor of body skimming dresses and electric skirts.
But we all know Serena was the first to bring the badness! Take a look:

Can't forget that catsuit!
People try to say her 'fits are inappropriate--too much booty in the pants--but I think she's stylish and would cut someone to find out her workout regimine!
What do y'all think?


Anonymous said...

Yes, what is her workout regimine! I go to the gym on the regular and I have yet to be that define.
Her style is fun. People would not have a problem if she was a size 2. If I had to workout as hard as she does, I would wear the same thing.

Do your thang Serena!

*btw* I heart your blog!

Anonymous said...

for those people who think her outfits are inappropriate, i would like to see what size they are and if they got ass like her. My ass is no where near the size of hers but i have a hard time concealing it in anything i wear. like jayz said "you cant tie a sweater ova that ass" and we all know the real reason why they said maria was the first to bring fashion to the court, even though serena personally designs all her tennis outfits with the help of nike. HATERS

Brianna said...

Yea I think Serena holds it down with style on the tennis courts...unfortuantely I can't say the same for her everyday or award show wardrobe. Most of the time she dissapoints but I still think she is a beautiful and talented woman & many of us want a body like that ;)

Mehammed said...

I especially love the Camerounian soccer player outfit, the world cup was being played at the same time. She's like Suzanne Lenglen, the first French woman in the early 1900's who brought both style, and just like Serena, a new athleticism to the game. Everyone thought she was insane, but 50 years later, "insane" is just another word for "fashion trailblazer".
What's interesting is that Serena experiments with adventurous clothes only in the early rounds of a Grand Slam tournament. She puts on something more functional when she knows she is in for a tough match. Another thing that is attributed to Maria, that was originally coined by Serena, is the habit of having a warm up outfit that's different from the playing outfit.
Go Serena!

leeshbeesh said...

serena is definitely a fashionista. i applaud her for spicing up those boring tennis getups :) LOVE this blog. i just discovered it today (craziness). i read your post on suede magazine that was linked from ybf...i MISS that magazine so bad!! i love fashion. i got married and moved to england, and with london being a mecca i thought i'd be in heaven. but alas, i live about an hour away and in the country you dont see much gucci passin through lol. i will be here often to stay in the loop. maybe i will be motivated to get on a train to a sample sale, but the pound exchange rate is brutal :( keep up the good work, you definitely have a new reader in me!

nini said...

Atleast we dont see her body parts, them shorts skirts that fly up are what's inappropriate. Serena's body is BADDDD

Toya said...

Ahh ... the catsuit. I remember when that game was played - we were having a family dinner, all the men were in the basement and I had come walking through to get a soda. All of a sudden, there was a collective gasp from the dudes - I run over and see Serena in that catsuit and even I was like, "Damn." My daddy said, "Good Lord! Look at all that ass!" I was shocked and went, "Daddy!" And he was like, "Sorry, boo, but my God. You can't tell me that's not a sight."

He was right.