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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I wear my sunglasses at night...and inside

"Stunna shades on and my wrist look heavy/ I wear em in the dark like Fab 5 Freddy"--The Federation 'Stunna Glasses @ Night'

Sunglasses, in theory, are made to shield eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. In practice, of course, people sport shades in all types of the club, on the red carpet, at night, inside well lit buildings....

Guys seem to rock the 'sunglasses at night/inside' look a lot:

And girls do it too...though not as frequently:

But I'm wondering...are sunglasses in the absence of sun obnoxious...or cool? And can you only pull it off if you're a celeb?
What do y'all think?

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Anonymous said...

My sunglasses are prescription so I tend to leave them on when I go inside a store and don't want to either put on my regular glasses or not be able to see well.

I do think it's obnoxious to when celebs wear them inside an event or at night though. Halle shopping with them on doesn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

I hate when people wear sunglasses indoors, particularly the club. It's not cool nor is it new. People just want to follow trends, no matter how stupid they are. I will agree that celebs look better 90% of the time than the average Joe in the street.

On another note, I went to the Honey Room website and they carry faux Fendi-print Spy bags. It would be different (but not condoned) if they didn't have the logo but they do. Here we go again with the fake vs. real designer duds debate again. Don't promote these obvious bootleggers!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how people can see in the dark with sunglasses on. I can't.

sloane said...

i think it's obnoxious to wear sunglasses in a dark club at night. you truly know they serve no other purpose beyond making somebody think they look like they're cool.

Anonymous said...

I think if you want to wear them indoors at a club, fine. But just realize some will think you look like a fool. I wouldn't wear them unless I was outside and it was sunny. I don't even like pulling them on when I'm outside and it's cloudy. In the grocery store? Bit of a stretch!!

Anonymous said...

Celebs wear sunglasses at night/inside - or ALL the time - b/c they serve as a sort of protective barrier from strange people always in your face taking pictures. Not that they can hide behind sunglasses, but I'm sure they are comforting in that at least not everything is exposed.

Since what celebs do becomes the trend, regular people try to rock sunglasses at night/inside and yes, it looks ridiculous. The sunglasses, in that case, serve absolutly NO purpose. Nobody is trying to look at you and now you can't see either.

Anonymous said...

Even Sanaa Lathan said in ESQUIRE, "Only the blind should wear sunglasses at night." There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Sunglasses, when not needed, make the bold statement that you are the shit. If that's really what you think about yourself, celeb or not, then wear the sunglasses. But know, that people are then free to dissagree.

nini said...

I think its tacky to be in the club with shades on, or indoors period.

Anonymous said...

I don't find myself doing it now since I no longer smoke the Happy Flower (weed for the squares). However, when I did smoke the Happy Flower, I'd rock the glasses indoors OR outdoors. Didn't matter. I was subconscious about my drug use-- I guess *shrugs shoulders*.

But I was also a young girl who thought I was all of the shit plus some. I'm all woman now honey and I think it's a tad bit tacky.

yummy411 said...

LOL! i love it, hilarious!
Check this out: scroll to the "There's No Sun in Here" topic.

Nikky said...

Anon 9:07pm said it best. Really, I don't understand the allure of wearing SUNglasses when they're not needed. To me, it looks a bit pretentious & a smidge 'loser' when I see folks rockin it. I suppose the celebs have their reasons, I suppose. But when there is no sun, and especially if you're indoors - what's it really all about? Covering up tired or glassy eyes? ok, whatev. Trying to look cool? ok, if that's cool to you. Trying not to be noticed? try a little harder, that don't work genius. My rating; just generally unnecessary.