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Friday, November 21, 2008

Claire's Life: Kanye West & The Roots

So last night's concert was *crazy*!
I captured some Real Style--here's a taste:
And I was also able to catch up with my performers!
Black Thought of the Roots was cool enough to say 'wassup'...
As was ?uest love:
I'm loving that t-shirt!
And the man of the hour, Kanye West showed some love:
Yeah, it's good to know your homies stateside are still down for you abroad!
I took lots of video, stay tuned to the Fashion Bomb Facebook Page to give you a bit of backstage access!
*Shout to my homie Miles!
*Gold Jacket by Alexander McQueen!


Lish said...

owww Claire you look great girl!!!!

val said...

questlove's outfit is hott

M* said...

RUN DC RUN hahahahahah

sexilexi said...

AAAHHHH!!! Jealous!!! I LOVE Kanye and the Roots!! Ah Black Thought, when will u be mine? :-) and Claire, I am loving your outfit! I see u serving it up in France! get it!

starbuckstheaustinitesocialite said...

Kanye and Black Thought is too much chocolate for a
sister to handle. I'm so jealous Claire!!!

Denise V. said...

Kanye!!<3 Must of been awesome to be able to meet them.

Kjen said...

Claire - cute look!

Black Thought and ?uest Love are chillin' fashion wise,

but dang, Kanye! He always manages to kill it! I love when men understand that they can casual in something other than the white T/jeans combo.

Tiffany said...

Claire......... I'm officially a hater, lol. Your jacket is marvelous! I'm lurking off to Alexander McQueen internet search to find jacket........

Stepping up my style game NOW

Anonymous said...

OMG! So jealous! Yet another pic with Kanye! Looks like great times!

theBlack-parisian-way-of-mode said...

Ho lala claire;
Je devais y aller moi aussi mais j ai eu un imprevue!!! Snif snif...
Elles sont belle tes photos.
Peut etre a un de ces jours dans les rue de Paris!