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Monday, November 24, 2008

Real Style: Paris Bercy

So as you know, last week I went to the Kanye West/Roots concert at Paris' Bercy stadium:
I hoped the city's finest would come out for the event, so I hung around outside the venue beforehand to see if I could find some Real Style.
These ladies were cool enough to pose:
They were concert ready in comfy sneakers, skinny jeans, and sweaters. I also didn't mind the New York Yankees hat mixed in with the updated berets.
These young men struck me with their b-boy stance...
The young man on the left has a bold hairstyle, and homie on the right keeps it cool with a pair of headphones.
And I loved diva on the right's colorful earrings...
....and appreciated her friend's laid back Chucks Taylors!
I also went backstage and captured a bit of Real Style:

*Listen to Melanie's tunes at!


Anonymous said...

Toccara looks absolutely amamzing in that dress.

Myssidominici said...

Fashion Bomb tv is great!.. wernt you a bit nervous walking up to melonie and asking about her style?. anyways I loveed it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the outfit Tocarra had on for the Awards show fit the occasion. Anyway, that was great footage Claire! Melanie's Valentino jacket and Louboutin's looked hot!!

Anonymous said...

Loved Melanie's outfit! Great catch! :)

N'Zo 94 said...

Hi there
Miss Fashionbomb
I was at the KANYE WEST concert with a friend of mine. I was expecting you put a photo of me and my friend. Where is it?