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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NYScene: DL 1961 Jeans Preview, TresEmmé at Robert Verdi's

Hey guys,
So, the day after Election Day dawned bright and beautiful. Our new Prez-elect wasted no time getting to work, and neither did the Fashion Bomb! It was a busy day for NYC events.
First stop was the showroom for a new jean brand called DL 1961, which are my latest obsession:
Containing a material called XFIT Lycra, these jeans have 360 degree movement (which means they maintain their shape and don't sag).
The denim was super-soft, like a second-skin, and there was no awkward adjusting of hips and legs ( if you're a curvy girl you know exactly what I mean!!!). I covet!
After DL 1961, I headed over to Robert Verdi's Lounge:Where he hosted TresEmmé's launch of its new StyleSeeker site. I got the chance to do a few things, including get my 'do freshened up:And chat with the fabulous Monsieur Verdi himself (I'm grinning super-hard here!). He sends bisous to Claire:So it was a great fashion day: discovering a dope new brand, a little pampering, and Robert Verdi. What else could a girl want...oh--yes! For you to check out StyleSeeker! It's a great new community site centered on all things style: hair, fashion, entertainment, and events, included. Stop by and tell 'em the FB sent ya!


Ings said...

Adriana, I have a non-fashion question for you. Your skin looks amazing ! In all your pictures, you glow! What is your moisturizer? What do you use?

Franny said...

where can i purchase these jeans and also what's the price range? Thank you darling...

Adriana said...

Franny: DL 1961 is available at Bloomingdale's, Havana Jeans, National Jeans Co., and Denim Bar. Price point runs $148-$198.

Ings: Thanks! I swear by drinking lots of water and Dr. Susan Taylor's Rx for Brown Skin line (at Sephora), with a little help from Makeup Forever concealer and Cargo Bronzer. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Adriana get post, you looked fab, that skirt & shoes were too cute. Keep doin it girl.

nae said...

Adriana pleeeezzzzzzz tell me where you found those shoes. They look great on you!

Anonymous said...

Adriana,I love your necklace!!! where can I find one similar???

btw..anonymous {Adriana get post, you looked fab, that skirt & shoes were too cute. Keep doin it girl.5:13pm}..r u a yardie? i know..random..just curious still.. ;D

shorty_p said...

Ditto ditto ditto on the ensemble! Way cute.