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Monday, November 03, 2008

Real Style: Boulevard Haussmann

So I realized a few days ago that my Absentee Ballot arrived at my permanent address--with the wrong name! For a second I thought I wouldn't get to vote in this historical election, until a friend told me about an emergency ballot-- a form by which expats and military personnel can write in their choice candidates and send it in. On Saturday I quickly filled out my emergency ballot, then raced to the only Fedex in Paris with weekend hours on Boulevard Haussmann...
...a street in the 8th arrondissement that is home to shopping megastores like Les Galeries Lafayette...
...and Au Printemps...
Of course upon arrival at Fedex, I found it was, in very French fashion, closed without reason! Since I had traveled 45 minutes to get there, I decided to chill and look around for some Real Style. I stumbled upon these two friends:
Who stood out to me because of their colorful accessories. The winter doldrums have set in, but these ladies kept it bright with a plum purse on the left, and a metallic jacket and mauve tights on the right.
What do you think of their style?
*I read the fine print on the emergency ballot, and as long as it's postmarked November 3rd and received by November 11th, it still counts! I'm hightailing back up to Fedex now to make sure the right candidate makes it into the Oval Office!
Also, I hope everyone votes in tomorrow's election. Don't take your opportunity to change the country for granted!


Anonymous said...

SMH at you, Claire!! Ok I'm kinda upset w/you b/c you are just now voting when you could've voted in NYC before you left...or, just waited to move overseas after the election! Oh well, I'm sure you have your reasons...and, I still luv ya! **smooches**

briana said...

Those looks are definitely inspiring. I tend to let the winter weather put my fashion sense into hibernation since I am just so uncomfortable in coldness and rain. But I know it's possible to look your best in this time and it will probably help me get through these damp months faster.