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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chanel Iman on "Gossip Girl"

That's right Fashion Bombshells! One of our favorite bomb chicks, Chanel Iman, is scheduled to be on an upcoming episode of the CW's primetime hit show Gossip Girl.Not sure when it will air, but the word on the street is it'll be the episode where Serena van der Woodsen throws a party.
Chanel is certainly an amazing model, but do you think she can bust out the acting chops?


Anonymous said...

Not sure why, but there has not been a top black model to cross over into acting.

Tyra- terrrrible
Naomi- besides MJ's keep it in the closet?
Beverly Johnson?
Jessica White in Big Momma's House 2?

There have been many white female models to cross over succesfully, such as Geena Davis and Rebecca Romijn Stamos

Anonymous said...

can't wait! i'm sure she'll do fine :)

sidenote: anonymous comments are often mean spirited and therefore shouldn't be allowed!

RJ said...

Lmao! Suai is totally right!

Well... I look forward to it.