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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Black Fashion Fact: Ophelia Devore

Did you know??
In 1946 model and entrepreneur Ophelia Devore started Grace Del Marco, the first model agency in America to focus on ethnic talent...
By way of her company, Devore identified and nurtured the careers of several household names, including Diahann Carroll, Richard Roundtree (Shaft), and Cicely Tyson.

Like Bethann Hardison, Ophelia Devore was an activist for black inclusion in the fashion industry. Her courage and initiative helped pave the way for models of today!


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

Richard Roundtree was also an Ebony Fashion Fair model!

LoudPen said...

This was a great fashion fact! She seems like a great lady. Is she still living?