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Friday, January 30, 2009

House of Style Returning to MTV

Page Six reports that MTV's House of Style is making a comeback!
They say, "The popular '90s show about fashion and design, which helped make a household name of original host Cindy Crawford, is being revived."
Rumors are also swirling that our fave camera girl Chanel Iman is in contention for the top host spot.
Based on Chanel Iman TV, will you be tuning in to the new and improved House of Style?
For those of you too young to remember the show, a clip:

The music was good...I'm kind of excited!
PS Did anyone else notice that the Herve Leger dress Linda Evangelista wore on the runway in the 90's was almost identical to the one Lindsay Lohan wore to Maxim's Sexiest Awards (in May 2007)?
Everything comes back at some point!


RJ said...

I'm excited!

...Chanel Iman though?

Damn. JPG was so young! I love it.

degamarie said...

I used to love watching House of Style. That takes me back to reading Y/M and Seventeen. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

OMG I used to LOVE YM and Seventeen!! Fashion mags are just not what they used to be...sad.

Anonymous said...

I think they should use 90's music for this one

garage.glamour. said...

House of Style!! That would be soo good.
I love this remake of the Herve Leger dress Lindsay is wearing.

Anonymous said...

Bring HoS back! But (promise I'm not hating) no Chanel Iman as host. I watched those vids from YouTube and I don't think she's the best talker. But she can WALK so let's hope she sticks to just that!