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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intern Candidate Jemise: Beauty Bomb

Our last intern post for today is from Jemise, repping from Hampton U! She thinks the Fashion Bomb would benefit from more Beauty Posts. Check out her beauty bomb, and, as usual, tell us your thoughts!
"Spring time is right around the corner, and as you update your wardrobe for the season, it’s only right that you update your beauty cabinet and make-up bag too! Warmer weather welcomes bright colors, and it’s the perfect time to experiment with new trends:"

Try these products for a bright, springy look:

Pictured: L’Oreal HIP Metallic Duo Sculpted, OPI Nail Color MonSooner or Later, L’Oreal HIP Metallic Duo Magnetic, Victoria’s Secret Mozaic Bronzer, Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Cherry Bomb, Essie Nail Polish Shorty Pants, 8. MAC Blushcreme Laid Mac Lipglass Strawberry Blonde, OPI Nail Color I’m India Mood For Love, Iman Blush Duo Posh, KLS Makeup Eyeshadow.
"With all that color, its important to make sure you have the ever chic staple of black. Big bold lashes and the sultry smoky eye are both winners throughout the season. Try these to really make your eyes pop:

Pictured: Cover Girl Lash Blash, NARS Eyeliner Kohl, Maybeline Eyelash Curler, L’Oreal Eyeshadow Quad Smoke.
I'll admit, I know nothing about beauty, so this is definitely welcome!
The comments section is open!
Stay tuned for posts from the rest of our intern contestants tomorrow.


Chris Styles said...

Yup, this potential intern did a great job w/ this beauty post. Definitely and added bonus to what you've already got goin' on w/ the fashion, etc.

Southern Lady said...

I like the both the beauty and the home decor posts. It is going to be between these two ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally a beauty post..but its wack. She could have been more original...every beauty blog is starting to talk about the spring picks.

Anonymous said...

Yup this would be a hit! One blog where I can get all the info I need, fashion, home and beauty. Sign me up!

Ms J

Anonymous said...

Yup this would be a hit! One blog where I can get all the info I need, fashion, home and beauty. Sign me up!

Ms J

Stephanie said...

They all seem very repetitive to me, like
1. Heres random stuff [for your face, home, closet],
2. Post of pictures of these random stuff, and
3. Were to buy/prices of these random stuff.

Our Daily Bread...mmm...a step more creative then the other posts, but still not too impressive.

I’m hoping the last finalist, Anitra can bring something fierce, if not I'll just vote default for Vuitton only because hes a guy, and a males perspective will hopefully bring something new.

gee-golly-wiz..I knew I should have completed that application

Anonymous said...

what a great post. Jemise definately has my vote. She gave good products and pics of celebs so we can have a model of how to do it. I would look forward to her posts on the fashion bomb. good job.

and P.S. Its the age of Obama. Let's stop the hateration guys!

Danielle of Urban Glamour said...

I'm not an expert or anything, but I feel like this beauty post needs some instructions. For instance, there's so many different colors and different products being suggested that someone who isn't makeup savvy may get overwhelmed.

Also, many of the celebs in the pics are of lighter complexions which could imply that bright makeup colors are best on their skin tones when actually brights can look good on a variety of skin tones.

Plus, a beauty tip or two would be good---such as telling the readers that when doing bright makeup, it's best to stick to one feature and play everything else down. And maybe a few words about what each product does could be helpful.

Christina said...

I like this one! Good job : )

Ashley said...

Good job Jemise! I know I'm competing with you, but I really don't see a problem with telling a fellow contestant they did well! One of my *many* side "careers" is as a fledgling make-up artist & I use that pic of Rihanna all the time as inspiration! Sadly, I think her lipstick is "Hollywood Nights" from that MAC Heatherette collection...which got discontinued.

Your picture assemblage was the bomb!

Anonymous said...

The common denominator in all of these intern posts seems to be that there is no explanation, just a whole bunch of pictures. Where's the writing to back up the visual? I'm not seeing it...

Anonymous said...

A weekly Beauty Bomb?! (You can have that one para gratis!) How apropos! The best compliment to a fabulous ensemble is a fresh face. I would suggest starting with the foundation (no pun intended) of great skin...great skin care. Not even the finest application of Chanel foundation can mask picked over skin. In addition, women of color are made in all shades, so please don’t discriminate. From mochas to caramels, please show us ALL how to do it right and keep in tight in 09’. Lastly, I’d recommend that you sample the product before suggesting it to others to weed out the wack-ness  A few of the lighter Loreal HIP eye colors get a rating of 2 ( Chanel painted) thumbs down.

Aadriyah said...

I agree with Danielle of Urban Glamor. The celebrities pictured are of a lighter complexion...I am of darker complexion (think Gabrielle Uniion). This post probably would have interested me if there was more diversity used.

Aadriyah said...

On a positive note, I want to add...Jemise you have the right idea about a beauty post though. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. That is why make-up is the 2nd biggest thing people are watching for at fashion shows. Some people are clueless as to which shades to wear with what and when. A beauty post would definitely give direction where that is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Definitely like this interns post...Fashion goes hand and hand with beauty!

Tedra said...

Shout out to the real HU!

Bsquared86 said...

I support the beauty bomb idea!

My I suggest using a wider range of skin tones (maybe cover a different tone each bomb and culminate each trend with a collection of skin tones in that trend?). Also, perhaps single out one or couple of looks and list what can be used to achieve it on both an expensive and everyday budget?

I see alot of potential here, good job Jemise!