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Friday, January 09, 2009

Pink Cherie Model Trivia Contest!

It's Friday, and the Fashion Bomb is in a giving mood!
Whoever can tell me the names of the groundbreaking covergirls featured on the magazines below:

And the significance of their appearance will win this Long Chiffon Zebra Print Scarf...
...from contest sponsor Pink Cherie!
Leave a comment with your most complete answer. The best comment will win!
Hint: They were firsts.
We have a winner!
Ally gave the most comprehensive answer, saying in short that the models pictured above are Jane Hoffman, Elizabeth of Toro, Daphne Maxwell, and Jolie Jones, the first black *models* to appear on mainstream magazine covers. It just happened that all the covers appeared in 1969. Fun fashion fact! Ally, e-mail me at to claim your prize!
For more details, click on comments.
And thanks to Make Fetch Happen for the pix!


Tina said...

Jane Hoffman on Cosmopolitan
Elizabeth of Toro on Harper's Bazaar
Daphne Maxwell on Glamour
Jolie Jones on Madamoiselle

They were all the first african american models to appear on a fashion magazine cover.

Ally said...

They were all the first black cover models for their respective magazines.

Jane Hoffman - Cosmo - June, 1969
-can't find much else on her

Elizabeth of Toro - Harper's Bazaar - November, 1969
-She is of Ugandan royalty. Her family was banished from the country when Idi Amin took over.She graduated from Cambridge University in England and passed the British bar exam to become Uganda's first female barrister.She also served as Uganda's United Nations reprsentative and roving ambassador

Daphne Maxwell - Glamour - October, 1969
-born in NY July 13, 1948.Went to Northwestern pursuing a degree in interior design. She was also and actress and a costume designer.She m arried fellow actor Tim Reid and together they own New Millennium Studios.

Jolie Jones - Madamoiselle - March, 1969
-daughter of quincy jones, was the first African American model to appear on the cover of Mademoiselle and in the pages of Seventeen. She also dabbled in the acting and singing world.She now is involved in children's literature having written the book Little Kisses.

nae said...

Did anyone win the budget fashionista book?