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Friday, January 30, 2009

Will Obama's Presence Mean More Work for Black Models?

The Black Snob has a clip of a CNN story purporting that Barack Obama's presidency could signal increased opportunities for black models in editorials, ad campaigns, and on runways:

In the video David Rogers, a Global Brand Expert, says, "Marketers are finally waking up to it, ya know Black is Beautiful. It's just gonna become part of the fabric of the fashion imagery of pop culture. Which is a great thing."
Hmm...Do you think having Barack in office will significantly diversify the exclusive fashion industry? Or will it continue to be a world where Black is Invisible?


Les said...

I think it's possible, however, I think it has more to do with Mrs. Obama. The media, a lot of designers, and people world wide love her style. If there will be an effect, and I think there will be at least a small one, it'll be because of the 1st Lady and her style.

SICK & TIRED said...


He is a President of the United State NOT the President of any model agency NOR fashion house.

Get a grip.

As a black person I am so tired of all this talk. Let him get on with his job for god sake and stop ruining things for him with your black this and black that talk.

Us black people will be his downfall - because we believe he owes us something - he owes us JACK SHIT.

Get over it and yourselves and stop publishing these stupid stories because all they do is incite hate towards black people who now think they are invincible because they have a black president.

LoudPen said...

I don't know how to feel about hearing this David Rogers (a white man) say black is beautiful? I mean really, I don't.

LoudPen said...

Wow, Sick and Tired, I do agree with some of your comments but, for your sake chill out. Yes, black people have been acting like Obama owes them something but, there's nothing wrong with black people feeling like they're invincible. Black is beautiful and powerful. And yes, he is the president of the United States but, he is also the first Black President of the United States so of course, his face is going to be plastered everywhere cuz the media and companies are going to do what they always do and that's make products to make money. They are using Obama's face in order to make a profit. Also, let's just be real who wants to see Bush or Clinton's face on a t-shirt or as part of a design for a major fashion house?

Anonymous said...

Sick & Tired, did you watch the video? Black people aren't the ones saying it'll make a difference, it's the white recruiter for Wilhemina and some random global brand expert. It's not just black people...maybe your angst is misdirected

Bebe said...

I think having a Black President will affect all aspects of the USA and it's about time! Just like it was about time we had a black president, it's about time we started showing love to brown people in the US. And if it takes a black first family, so be it!

Aishia said...

We live in age where pop-culture has a huge affect on the greater public. We should'nt be upset that the Obamas have become a pop-culture sensation, come on, people around the world are excited about the 1st famiily. We can compare the Obamas popularity to that of Sex and the City, another pop culture sensation that is embraced by women from various ethnic backgrounds.

I really believe that it's time that mainstream became more inclusive!!! I for one look forward to seeing the effects that the Obamas have on how companies will market their products to the public.

Naturalvixen said...

I personaly feel this is a first step. I saw the girls in the jackets and immediately went to J crew's site to try and find something similar for my daughter. The Obama's have just brought to the public what has always been so. Black is beautiful. I hope that this has a positive effect on the modeling industry. As we know by now there is no limit to what we can acheive.

Natoya said...

By saying the Obama presidency could influence diversification in the fashion industry are we talking about the fashion industry actually CHANGING to include and acknowledge Black models, fashion and designers in mainstream fashion industry or are we talking about making Black models TRENDY? A couple years ago Black models were trendy, then the industry decided that was played out, and then Black models were ghost from the runways and magazines. If the Obama presidency will only influence a trend, I don't care for it because that's tokenism but if it will bring TRUE CHANGE within the industry - I'll take that.

Bklyngrl82 said...

I agree with Natoya's comments and hope that the Obama's influence in American media is more than just a trend of the moment and instead just the beginning of real change.
I don't understand why "Sick & Tired" is upset that for once a family of color is having a positive influence on our culture. Isn't that what we've all been praying for since forever? That we are seen as more than talented artists, athletes, etc and actually have real influence on as the leaders of the free world!?
You will have to excuse people while they get used to the novelty of this new concept of a black family we can ALL (any color, economic background) be proud of and try to immulate. I think this CNN story is only positive.

AsiaA said...

I get where sick and tired is coming from. let him/her have their opinion.

i feel like it's all "trendy and cool" to like black people right now. so of course you'll see more of it.

i mean, think about it.

i guess it's good for us. but in the same token, you don't want to be the token.

i will be happy when the day comes and a model is on the cover of French Vogue (or whatever) and there is no emphasis on the model being black.

THAT will be cool.

rubysubi said...

i think Sick and Tired's comment would have been more pertinent if people had made comments about "owing" - but as they didn't it came across as just angry.

I truly hope that this isn't just tokenism, but I must admit that it's refreshing to see more faces of color in fashion and advertising.