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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama Chooses Designer Jason Wu

Um, can we say stunning?
Barack defines dapper in a tux and white bowtie, while Michelle sparkles in a white chiffon one shouldered gown by 26-year-old designer Jason Wu. Who is Mr. Wu?
A Parson's graduate and native of Taiwan, Wu has only been designing for a few years and just recently got picked up by major stores like Nordstrom. In an interview, when asked about the probability of Michelle picking his design, he said it was "a long shot."
But Wu, like Obama, shows that absolutely everything is possible, regardless of race or age.
No excuses stylistas!
Go forth in fashion...
Video of the first dance:

I cried (Beyonce better work!). Beautiful!


Ally said...

They were perfection. And that first dance was adorable!

Anonymous said...

While the dress was nice I don't think that it was great considering all the options she had. Even Biden's wife went with something bold. I think that she should have went with Tracy Reese.Also it would have been nice if she changed her hair for once enough with the side swoop. This was her chance to be the bell of the ball and she fell short in my opinion.

Moni said...

I think that all this fuss about her style is pointless. It's HER STYLE. I liked the dress, it had a wedding feel. I saw it like this...when they got married they started a new life together; as POTUS and First Lady, they are "starting a new life together". I think it was perfect dress.

I also like the fact that Michelle uses designers that are a bit non traditional. Most are designers from various countries/ethnic backgrounds. Take fashion back to where it needs to be, with designers who have a different point of view. That's what fashion is all about.

Lish said...

I think that michelle was very classy. she was just beautiful...and sorry MR PRESIDENT was gettin those steps. I enjoyed this!

Torie Michelle said...

It seems as if I am the only person who did not like either of Michelle's inauguration ensembles. (I didn't like the dress she wore on election night either.) But it's okay because I think she's

I also cried while watching them dance as Beyonce sang. "At Last" is one of my favorite classic songs! It was the first time I shed a tear since this ball to get Obama elected started rolling.