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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cathy Horyn Asks: What's Wrong with Vogue?

We here at the Fashion Bomb have been giving Vogue the side eye for quite a while, but it's a whole different discussion when editor Cathy Horyn of the New York Times/ International Herald Tribune asks, "What's Wrong with Vogue?"
In a January 1st article, she says, "There are too many stories about socialites — or, at any rate, too few such stories that sufficiently demonstrate why we should care about these creatures. What once felt like a jolly skip through Bergdorf now feels like an intravenous feed. To read Vogue in recent years is to wonder about the peculiar fascination for the "villa in Tuscany" story. Ditto staff-member accounts of spa treatments and haircuts." She pokes fun at Vogue's attempt to deal with the recession by having a staffer go discover the 'Wonders of Walmart,' and says that Vogue, along with other fashion magazines, "do not seem to know how to relate to women in their 20s, except to throw celebrity pictures and clothes at them." Ouch.
Read the rest here.


Harlem Loves... said...

Sounds like some good points to me!

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying vogue many moons ago, because I find it boring and It doesn't relate to me. Especially, since they have a problem with black models on their covers. I now buy Elle or Harper's. I loved suede, but they folded.