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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Accessories: Designer Fashion Jewelry

Designer fashion jewelry is a great way to acquire pieces from your favorite designers at a fraction of the cost of their apparel. Another tip: it's one of my favorite ways to bring a bonafide "high" to a "high-low" outfit. Here are a few fantastic pieces from some of the fall collections:
1.Just Cavalli Amber Earrings, $120 2. Dsquared "I'm Not Too Sweet" Pendant, $195. 3. Fendi Crystal Ball Necklace, $295 4. Elizabeth & James Knuckle Ring, $155
The Fendi necklace is soooo tempting...A


Economista said...

I love the look of fashion/costume jewelry, but my main concern is the durability. I am concerned with spending $150 on faux jewelry (which is still a pretty penny regardless of designer status) that will turn green as quickly as a $10 necklace from Forever 21. Has anyone purchased this jewelry? What's your take on this compared to more affordable options?

Adriana said...

Hi economista,
Most designer jewelry is made from quality materials that won't turn like a cheap neckalce. The key is to look for the ingredients in the metal. The Fendi and Just Cavalli pieces, for instance, are both either gold or made from gold, while the E&J ring is made from gold brass, all of which last a very long time (and by that I mean at least a few years). I think you can assume that, for the most part, a designer with a reputable name is not going to jeopardize their brand with cheap materials, especially at that price point. I have several pieces of designer jewelry myself and nothing has turned green on me yet. Hope that helps!