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Monday, October 06, 2008

Real Style New York: Outtakes

I'm still in NYC, and in these last weeks, I wanted to give y'all a bit of Real Style I've taken while here, but haven't had a moment to post.
Check out a few pix I snapped at an industry party in Meatpacking a few weeks ago:
In New York, ladies favor pencil skirts in vibrant colors, while guys rock striped polos, blazers, and T's that urge you to "Take that, take that, take that!!"....
Fedoras also flourish with tailored jackets and straight legged pants, and sultry ladies take bold steps in strapless wide legs jumpers and innovative updos....
Even the typical prep fit of a polo button down, ribbon belts, and bowties are sauced up with a bit of New York attitude.
And here's a double whammy: a short Real Style Video:



Anonymous said...

Ha! That's my boy in the top pic! He's so fashionable! LOL I bet he'll flip when he catches this.

bun said...

wow thanks, i really wish you had more mens fashion, your blog post are like 1 guy for every 10 girls usually.

Phil said...

I totally agree with you Bun. What about the fellas!?

Anonymous said...

Yay for St. Kitts, that's where my family is from! I'm from St. Thomas - West Indies representin' LOL