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Monday, October 27, 2008

Beauty Bomb: Shine Magazine

Adriana here!
So last week, I popped into a fantastic event for Shine, a hot new African-American and Latino beauty news and lifestyle magazine:

Co-hosted by Shine's current cover model, "106 & Park"'s Rocsi, the reception was part social networking, part celebration, as beauty professionals, press, and socialistas mingled and buzzed about. Even the Retro Kids got in on the fun.

What I immediately loved about Shine is that it speaks to the beauty experience of women of color by focusing on salons that cater to us, and including tips that speak to our unique hair experience:
I grabbed a few minutes with founder and Editor-In-Chief Phylencia Taylor (above, right) to talk about the magazine's creation:
"A couple of years ago, while working and managing a college tour for Wella, I was getting my hair, nails, etc., done in a new city every week, which was grueling. I then wanted to connect my experiences and the countless referrals I received, as well as apply my understanding of how important the beauty regimen is for women of color."
For those looking to break in to either beauty or beauty publishing, Phylencia advises, "Find what you love to do, research, develop a plan, and believe in YOU always!"

I so admire Shine's mission and, as a beauty junkie, am super excited for this magazine. Bonus: you can subscribe for free!
Visit Shine's site or e-mail to sign up and tell 'em you heard about in on The Fashion Bomb.


Anonymous said...

Adriana I love your writing, it fun, informative,quirky etc. However, we is your real style???? I can't see you in another Pink sweater & Jeans to these parties, I know it hard, there aways something to go to. But, if that the case don't take pics with these ppl looking SOOO vanilla. U have a beautiful smile & skin, some masacara, blush, little broner, and a lip color will go a long way. And keep some blotting sheets in your bag and blot rite b4 the pic. Cuz ur looking really shiny & oily. I know, I know kind of harsh but Claire not here anymore so you're not just the intern. You have to create a presence. I just love to see you look as great as you write.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,
The next time you want to critique someone, make sure you hit Spell Check before clicking Send. You were so hard up to put Adriana on blast, that you didn't realize how poorly written your comment was. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here. I'm hoping you're not really this illiterate to think that's how these words are actually spelled. It's truly sad that whenever someone is on their grind, there are always hecklers waiting to pounce on them. If you love Adriana's writing the way you claim, you would get off of the dermatologist/personal shopper steez & comment more on her submissions. So sad.

Stop Lying said...

Always interesting when people leave crazy backhanded compliments, soaked in hate, and pretend to be invested in the betterment of their intended target.

"I just love to see you look as great as you write."

Stop lying.

Anonymous said...

Adri - this is kind of funny....who asked this reader for advice? how about commenting on the actual piece, event etc and not on giving unsolicited beauty advice to someone who could I'm sure care less what you think. Clearly Adri is on her grind...and she is out there doing her THING ALONG with supporting other women like Phylencia who are doing thiers!! get a consultant wannabe...

Anonymous said...

Adriana, I think you look great (even without "broner", mascara, blotting paper or lip color). It's unfortunate that we can't be happy for someone doing something constructive and positive without trying to knock them down. I enjoy your writing and love what you've done with the blog.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Does anyone have any comments on Shine Magazine, the actual feature?

Anonymous said...

I totally did not spell check my post, so I will take that stab. However, I love "stop lying post that link to the haters, comedy bit. I'm a hater because I have a opinion?? Yeah not so much. Also, how do you know if I haven't comment daily on the great writing and job Adriana has done. I post comments often. Also, it hate to make a honest observation, but not jocking to only give praise... Yea ok. These are the same people who trashed the girl from Jersey for her personal style; as well as Bevy for being self-confident, as accentuating her best asset. You guys are such fake. But, I do welcome your opinions because we all have valid things to say. So, believe what you want but I do love Adrianna writing. Which is why I continue to read the blog. Funny thing is I am a personal shopper so I guess it natural for me.