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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot! or Hmm..: Keyshia Cole, Mel. B., The Simmons Sisters

Quite a few Hot or Hmms this Thursday morning:

Keyshia Cole celebrated her birthday the other night in this zippered, cap-sleeved, pink Herve Leger mini-dress. Crystal studded jewelry and a sleek hairdo set off her sexy, feminine look. But not sure about that peek-a-boo bra, hmm...
Over at Tuesday night's MOBO (Music of Black Origins) awards in London, Mel B. and Estelle rocked two eye-catching looks. Mel B. rocks a futuristic pink silk dress with crystal accents and silver pumps, while Estelle sports a strapless, bubble-hem frock from Giles's Spring 2009 collection with black ankle boots. There are some elements of Hot but quite a bit of Hmm going on here. I do like that both these ladies frequently take fashion risks, though.

And Vanessa and Angela Simmons, seen here attending Crispin & Basilo's Spring 2009 runway show in L.A. earlier this week, are rep'ing their usual casual-chic style: Angela in a red satin number with a sweetheart bustline and a tutu skirt, Vanessa in simple leggings with a white tunic and cinched black leather belt. I feel more Hot than Hmm here but maybe I'm biased because I usually enjoy the Simmons sisters's young and fresh style.
Thoughts, FB'ers?
P.S. For those of you who asked which designer yesterday's Hot or Hmm (Beyoncé) was wearing, we're pleased to report that La Knowles-Carter was wearing a bodysuit from Etro's Fall 2008 RTW line.


Jessica said...

wow - How did you know Estelle was wearing a Giles dress.

I would doubt you know who Giles is and anything about London fashion, so I will guess you just saw this on another site and are claiming you know this yourself and take the credit.

This also applies to the Beyonce Etro i-D.

Fashion Guru said...

jessica what harsh comments. totally uncalled for. but anyways wont waste my time on that

Im not sure if keisha coles bra should be showing in that dress but she looks fab.

im so excited about the spin off show by the simmon sisters. Fab post!

She's Gotta Have It said...

Keyshia: Gorgeous girl, gorgeous makeup, but this outfit is definitely a Hmmm... Not only is she wearing the most over-worn dress of the year, but her being top heavy makes her look like she's suffocating in the dress.

Mel B: Hmmmm...squared. She's usually on point, and I just know she would've looked GREAT if the dress didn't have that hood on it.

Estelle: Undecided. The dress would've looked better with a platformed peep-toe.

Vanessa & Angela: Hot. I love how they have their own style and don't try to dress alike.

DeeDeeLynn said...

Never been a fan of accessorizing an outfit with a bra..thumbs down to Keyshia

Mel B's dress is channeling Grace Jones!!!! And her look is not mysterious enough to pull it off!

Unless you are in the armed forces or an Omega I say no to camo...especially with formal wear!

Love Nessa and Angie (lol! cuz i know them like that!) Very young and fresh!

Anonymous said...

Keyshia has a bangin' body but the dress is borderline trash - her hair is very sleek and sexy though.

Love Estelle's outfit, I think the hmmm is that the volume of the bubble dress is a bit much.

Lovin' Angela Simmons hair and the red tutu skirt. Her sis seemed very blah, nothing to cry home about.

Vivi said...

Hi Claire

Do you have an email address which we can contact you directly?

Four2One said...

The simmons sisters look just fine...keyshia is so HOTT! I was wondering if I could put a link to your site on my blog which is

Anonymous said...

mel b is obviously channelling grace jones!!!!! its fieeeeeeerrce to the 10th power! the is clearly just not ready...

model liberation said...

I saw Angela and Vanessa last night and they looked fabulous. They even showed up Heidi Klum, in my opinion.