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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best of 2008: Fashionista of the Year

So as the days wind down for 2008, it's time to take a look back at this Year in Style. For the Best of 2007 series last year, I took the liberty of declaring Rihanna the winner of the Fashionista Extraordinaire award, saying, "This Caribbean Queen has been working everything from glamazon frocks to more casual sweater dresses with undeniable style since the beginning of the year...."

"...She truly mixes it up and manages to do it all, from rocker chic to classic while looking absolutely flawless." It was true: Rihanna's fashionable aura was a breathe of fresh air amidst a slew of suffocating style subjects. But change is constant, and it's time to anoint a New Chic Queen!
In the spirit of democracy and Obama, I've decided this year to leave the voting up the you!
Candidates for 2008 Fashionista of the Year were chosen based on 1. Number of appearances on the Fashion Bomb, and the 2. Amount of Mail Bombs questions centered around them. And yeah, since Rihanna won last year, she's ineligible. Sorry!
Let's get to it!
The First Candidate for 2008 Fashionista of the Year is R&B crooner Keyshia Cole:

While Ms. Cole's calm demeanor was the highlight of her BET show The Way It Is, her new bold attitude towards fashion became a subtle focal point of 2008. This year, Keyshia came into her own both personally and fashionably, wearing a mixture of designer dresses, patterned tops, and 70's inspired separates. What can I say, this Bay Area Babe unwittingly won over my fashion evaluator. Did she win over yours?
Next in contention is Solange Knowles:

In July you guys labeled her a 'Work In Progress,' but what a difference 5 months can make! While Solange still has a funky style that favors feathers, unexpected pops of color, and wild patterns, she's streamlined her kookiness for a consistently sophisticated look. No longer playing second fiddle to her older sis', Solange seems to be poising herself for a peaceful takeover of the Knowles chic empire.
Next up is Alicia Keys:

Ms. Keys has been on the scene forever, but lately her fashion meter has been off the chain! Every time you look, she's wearing a pair of must have designer shoes or a flattering, tailored fit, managing to look absolutely stunning in everything from dressy floor length gowns to casual jeans. Snaps!
Our last Queen of Chic candidate is Cassie:

Say what you want about her vocals, Cassie always throws down with severe fashion ferocity. Many have said she should stick to modeling, and perhaps they're right. She can rock the stuff out of any dress, and her shoe game is simply bananas.
So that does it!
The Polls are open!


Love.Life.Live.Laugh.Spend. said...

Hi Claire, I hope all is well in Paris. I love RiRi..and it seems that she stepped her game up even MORE in 2008, so I have to give it to her. I will give honorable mention to Cassie though. But RiRi Reigns

Anonymous said...

Rihanna is a bit annoying bc she's everywhere, but looking at the options, it seems she's the best. Rihanna kills all of the others hands down. She might have to be fashionista of the year 2007 AND 2008.

chinkii™ said...

Rihanna did do it up this year.
I'm definetly not trying to hate when I say this.
Her camp, her stylist her fashion coordinator are all firece and need awards in thier honor.
The best makeover since who knows when.
Keyshia Cole came along way too.
her style is so chic in a way that doesn't seem pretentious.
Solange is killer in her stlye. I'm glad she veered away from what everyone was saying and decided to dig deep and pull out herself through her music and clothes.
Alicia Keys.. sorry but I give her a big "No Ma'am" She doesn't do it for me visually. She be off on most occasions...
Cassie OMFG... stop singing and get a deal as a model.
She would be perfect, her and Rihanna would be wonderful they can dress, tall as all hell unique face IDK. Just makes me furious. we need more ethnic models.. and yall bitches wanna sing smh.
oh well thats my run down lol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this to me was a hard choice. But, I gotta go wit Solo just cause her outfits are not always on point but, she ALWAYS makes you take notice which is what fashion is supposed to be. I'm sick of f***ing Rihanna. That chick can't sing and like everyone else I thinks he should model and stop clooging our radiowaves wit foolishness. And Alicia stepped up her game too, I was getting tired of the cornrows, we forget that Alicia's style wasn't that great back in the day. And her stylist is the black dude from NY, I think she grew up with him but, don't quote me on that.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna hands down.....

But I'll go with Solange since Rihanna can't run

Jaye said...

I'm so torn!!!!

I absolutely love Keyshia Cole's transformation (the jet black hair tramples that strawberry blonde mess she used to wear! lol); Solo's style was hott from the jump; Alicia has grown to be such a classy individual and since letting go of the corn rows can really do no wrong; and Cassie is definitely model material...

so who do I choose????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rihanna hands down, she was better than last year and better than all these girls put together, they need to learn a thing or two from her. I dont understand where she cant be in the running this year.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna, because she makes everyone step their game up. If not her, then Solange. Solo really has a wonderful sense of style and putting unique pieces together. She should help her sister out.. lol!

Anonymous said...

What about Keri Hilson? She's been doin her thing vocally and on the fashion tip!!! But out of these, Keshia has truly been doin her thang. Gone head and get ya grown woman on girl!!!

SilverMaT Ltd. said...

nice pictures

Quick said...

Solange gets my vote...i love her unique look

Bsquared86 said...

Solange all the way! I love her style!

What Women Want said...

Rihanna for dayyyyyzzzz - lol
Solange is a distant second for not being afraid to push the envelope and Cassie is a close third - her shoe game is sick with it(you are sooooooooo right!!)

I'm Just Saying... said...

Hands down Rihanna wins. She has so many more hits than misses and eeryone is finding themselves "inspired" from her style choices.

However, if Rihanna is ineligible this year then Solange should win. She has done more than just merely looked good in the clothes that she has worn but has taken chances and found a style of her own.

Both ladies are unique and risk-takers and for that alone they should win "Fashainista of the Year".

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Rihanna, but props need to be given where props is due. I know she's ineligible, but she definitely held it down fashionably in 2008. She is definitely a trendsetter and I can see her holding down the title of fashionista for a while.

But if Rihanna really, really can't be the winner, I would have to give the title to Alicia Keys. I've always been a fan of her street & chic style from the get-go, and like you said, she's stepped her game up this year.

najahf said...

I don't know if Rihanna should be ineligible. she has totally re-vamped her image, its like you're voting on a new person. lol! but if not Rihanna, then Cassie and then Alicia Keys. I still think Solange regularly looks a hot mess. maybe its her attitude as well...

Anonymous said...

CASSIE all the way
look at her.
she beats them all HANDS DOWN. she got the looks and the swag.
and its great how she's stepping outta the box, and trying singing, which she is also great at.