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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Reader Spotlight: Lovetta Conto

The Fashion Bomb readers are super savvy, talented individuals, and 16-year-old Lovetta Conto is no exception!
A survivor of Liberia's civil war, this young entrepreneur and finalist for the 2008 International Children's Peace Prize decided to use her talents in jewelry design to help others. Fashioning necklaces and bracelets out of bullets left behind from the war, Lovetta sells her creations to raise money for the renovation of a war-ravaged hotel in Liberia that will soon be home to other gifted youths from challenging circumstances.

Left to Right: Akawelle Bracelet in Silver, $125;Akawelle Necklace in Leather, $75; Akawelle Necklace in Silver, $125
Turns out Lovetta loves the Fashion Bomb! She became a fan when she moved to the US from a refugee camp in West Africa--the good old TFB was her first bookmarked site and one of the reasons she learned to use the internet! Wow.
The young stylista hopes to create her own teen fashion magazine in Africa. You can do it girl!
Read more about the fabulous Lovetta on her website here, and buy one of her pieces as a holiday gift for a good cause.


Laura said...

Wow, those are beautiful. And so inspiring! Good for her.

Anonymous said...

The jewelry isn't impressive and a bit overpriced. Still, the cause is worthy, so I wish her much success.