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Monday, December 29, 2008

Take It or Leave It: 2008

Hey Bombshells!
Adriana here, and besides checking out all the crazy post-holiday sales, I've been thinking about which 2008 fashion trends we should leave firmly behind and which should follow us into the new year. 2008 gave us quite a few fads. Let's take a look:
Statement Bags on Red Carpets:
I love a statement bag but think they speak best when toted on the way to work or during a weekend afternoon of errands--not at an awards show. Leave it in '08!
Nerd Glasses on Dudes:
I might be one of the very few to say this: personally, I dug this trend (though will admit it did get slightly played out) and admire when guys step away from the BAPE t-shirt and retro Air Jordans uniform. Take the trend to '09!
Rihanna's Vamp Swagger:
It's true: imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery. But you know it's bad when even superstars like Beyoncé start to copy pop's reigning fashion queen. Stars and stylists have enough fabulousness of their own (that's why they do what they do!) to come up with more original and personalized looks. Let's leave it in '08 and hopefully find other ways to be edgy in '09. Which leads us to Emerging Stylistas:
'08 saw lots of stars come out of the fashion closet and step their game up fiercely. Keyshia Cole, Cassie, Keri Hilson, and Solange are just some of the divas who put themselves on the style map with fresh looks that were fashionable and distinct. We need more originals: let's take it with us to '09!
Also in '08: celebrity clothing lines, Herve Leger dresses, stars. vs. models on fashion magazine covers. Which could you take or leave?


Elle Woods said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful xmas!
Totally feel you on the Rihanna Swagger.Ppl need to stop!

Kenyatta said...

I could leave Herve Leger dresses in the '08. They are beautiful dresses and very flattering on the right woman but i'm tired of seeing them on every red carpet. I hope celebs try to mix it up a bit more next year.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Statement bags are NOT for the red carpet. And everyone needs to get of RiRi's d*ck

Anonymous said...

dont think the ladies in the post JACKED RIHANNA STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF ANYHING SWEETHEART RIHANNA JACKED KELIS STYLE HEAD TO TOE!!!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT SWEETHEART! I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE FASHION EXPERT!!!!! Claire please start back posting soooooon.... ROOKIE!!!

LoudPen said...

Solo killed it overall this year. Her style was so ecletic and different and she made u take notices. And although, I didn't always love what Bey wore in appearances all her promo pics and videos were hot.

sewdope said...

beyonce needs to step out of mama tina's box if she's ever going to have her own style. jacking rihanna's swag may not be the answer but it's a least a step in the right direction. sometimes anonymity is the best drive to make you excel. (solange & cassie keep doing your thing! i always love your looks.)