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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Would You Rock? BBC Reindeer Knit Zip Hoodie

I was perusing the Billionaire Boys Club blog, and happened upon one of their newer items: A $310 BBC Space Reindeer Knit Zip Hoodie
I actually love the idea of holiday sweaters for women, but the jury's still out for men. Part of me thinks it'd be really cute, part of me thinks the look would be a little suspect. Would your man rock this?
While you mull it over, a gratuitous Pharrell picture:
Yum! Can I have him for Christmas??


rilla said...

seems to me this BBC's rendition of the traditional Fair Isle sweater, that men (and women) have been rocking for centuries... this is a fashion blog? There is nothing suspect about a man rocking a fair isle sweater....

Anonymous said...

Yup, 'rilla', this is a fashion blog. And your blog is not. Sorry.
Men wore heeled shoes for decades, but it'd still be a little suspect today, no? Get off your high horse. And stop blogging. now.

Marie said...

yeah, it's always the dudes who think they know so much about fashion. Fair Isle is the same as a holiday sweater IMHO

kiki said...

I would rock with my skinny jeans, brown boots and my black motorcyle jacket

we all want pharrell for christmas

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend said this is the one holiday sweater he would wear

Anonymous said...

I like it...Chris Brown has it, I think that was the same sweater he was pictured wearing in a HM gift suite

chinkii™ said...

omg.. **drools** if I could just get close enough to touch him.. all my dreams would come true :D

that sweater is sick.
I bet Teyana got it. :\