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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best of 2008: Men's Style

As an equal opportunity fashionista, I think it's only fair to give the men a shot at their very own title as well. For The Fashion Bomb's First Fashionable Male Award, how about we choose from the following debonair gentlemen?
First up, without question, is Kanye West:

He once said he didn't need a stylist because he shops so much he can speak Italian. Well his propensity for shopping certainly shows! Though we gave Kanye the side eye for his internship hijinks, his singular style cannot be denied. In 2008 Kanye stored his signature prepster gear away, replacing his pastel v necks with trendsetting suits, edgy eyeglasses, and adventurous color combos. This college dropout gets an A+ for fashion originality. Do you agree?
Next up in the style queue is Common:

On top of his forays into t-shirt design, this year Common has capitalized off of a new prime-of-life steeze, heavy on cardigans, suits, and intellectual glasses offset occasionally by his traditional neo-soul vibe. Talk about great in '08!
Next, we have Pharrell:

This Billionaire Boy keeps his look fun and lighthearted even though he has a serious eye for style. He favors sweatshirts emblazoned with his line's logo over stuffy button ups, and if he must wear a suit jacket, he pairs it with a pair of jeans in a dark wash. He has a swagger that makes everything seems unerringly cool and ahead of the curve. Doesn't hurt that he looks absolutely divine. (Between me and you...I'm so not a groupie, but would probably run and jump on him if I saw him!).
Lastly, a Fashionable Male contest wouldn't be complete without Diddy:

As a CFDA award winner and owner of the Sean John label, Diddy obviously embodies sleek sophistication, so much so that L'Uomo Vogue had to give him shine on their October cover. This year he tempered his typical suits with tributes to Obama in t-shirts worn with or without jackets. Diddy got his grown man on in the fullest sense, leading as an example by way of his mature style and by offering political support via his fashion and celeb status.
Time to vote!
Did I miss anyone?
Check back later to see results!


Anonymous said...

I definatley dig Kanye's sense of style. Its chic and very 50's pop modern smash.

Anonymous said...

Kanye. The pic with the shorts won it for him. Very Euro

love yeezie said...

fashion to me is when someone comes out of left field with someting crazy but makes it work. every body here is safe safe safe. Kanye takes risks, gold medal to him.

SilverMaT Ltd. said...

good site

Quick said...

Pharrell wins...he goes from street to office...just like me. lol