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Monday, December 15, 2008

NYScene: Brunch with Robert Verdi and Ana Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"

Adriana here!

Just about the only things that can get me up before 9 a.m. on a Sunday are good food, the chance to meet a celeb friend-in-my-head, and Robert Verdi. Wouldn't you know that all three conspired to entice me out of my warm bed this past weekend?

Il Verdi hosted a holiday brunch at his Luxe Laboratory yesterday with the fabulous Ana Ortiz AKA the sizzling (and my favorite) Hilda Suarez from "Ugly Betty."

Super-cool Ana and I gabbed it up for a while after comparing notes and finding out we're both native Uptown NYC girls, fans of stand-up comedy, and hungry for "Ugly Betty" spoilers (I tried, guys, but no luck--she said she and even America Ferrera, Ms. Betty herself, are kept in the dark by the writers!).

As if meeting Ana wasn't enough, the spread was a foodie's dream (or punishment if you're avoiding the holiday pounds). Co-sponsor Budweiser created a Bud Light Lime Bellini that was...out of this world (Bellini and Beer--who knew?). I drank mine so quickly that all I could get was a shot of the recipe for anyone who wants to try it (that's "eldelflower liquer" at the end)!

Of course, I couldn't leave without a catch-up with Robert, who was chicly bedecked in Louis Vuitton camo finery! (You can't tell it in this picture but he had a fabu LV camo belt on to match the scarf).

R.Veezy and I talked holiday plans, and he and his lovable pooch, Lucinda (who made her rounds among the guests, too), plan to spend the holidays close to home. I almost wanted to ask if I could make the Luxe Lab my home (seriously, y'all--it has a spa bathroom with a tub big enough for four, a kitchen befitting a spaceship, and hair and nail stations) but figured I should quit while I was ahead, no?
Love, Peace, and Bud Bellinis (seriously!)


Anonymous said...

I wasn't a fan of Bud Light Lime, but those sound pretty tasty! Thanks for sharing! :)

chinkii™ said...

I love Ugly Betty , Hilda Suarez is hilarious,
wtf is that bowl with the berries in it??

looks like shredded up trees... :p